New Discipleship Series

Disciples of the Cross – Released!

This two-part study approaches discipleship from an intentionally Lutheran theological perspective, emphasizing a sacramental theology of the cross, the distinction of law and gospel, and an understanding of the Christian believer as one who is both saint and sinner.

In Part 1 of this study, “Who We Are,” we look at the question of what it means to be a person of faith. How does what we believe connect to what we do and how we live? How does our relationship with Jesus as our Savior, Lord, and Master, shape the way we think about daily living? How does God’s Word give us direction in our mission and calling as Jesus’ followers sent out into the world?

1: Apprentices of the Master
–   Following Jesus in His Life of the Cross

2: What Are You In This For?
–  Disciples of the Cross vs. Disciples of Glory

3: God is the Potter; We Are the Clay
–  Recognizing How God Does His Work in Us

4: Being Poured Out Before God
–  Daily Dying to Self and Being Raised in Christ

5: What Would a Hammer Pray For?
–  Being Used by God as His Means of Grace 

6: One Race With Many Laps
–  Returning to the Lord as a Pattern for Daily Life

In Part 2 of the study, “What We Do,” we look at the question of what it means to live our lives as people of faith. Structured on the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer, this study looks at the key aspects of our life of faith. Not only will the study examine the basic disciplines we practice as disciples of Christ, it will also show how God uses us to bring his Gospel of grace and forgiveness into the lives of others.

1: Discipline and Disposition
–  Law and Gospel in Our Lives as Followers of Jesus

2: Relationships in Prayer
–  Praying to God and Praying for Our Neighbors

3: Dwelling in the Word
–  Listening to God’s Word and Speaking to Our Neighbors

4: Sharing Each Day Our Daily Bread
–  Depending upon God and Providing for Our Neighbors

5: Our “Come to Jesus” Moments
–  Asking Forgiveness from God & Forgiving Our Neighbors

6: The Struggle Between Death and Life
–  Bearing the Cross and One Another’s Burdens