Products in Sola’s “Disciples of the Cross” Series
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PART 1: “Who We Are”
An Introduction to the Theology of Discipleship

 In Part 1 of this study, “Who We Are,” we look at the question of what it means to be a person of faith. How does what we believe connect to what we do and how we live? How does our relationship with Jesus as our Savior, Lord, and Master, shape the way we think about daily living? How does God’s Word give us direction in our mission and calling as Jesus’ followers sent out into the world?

PART 2: “What We Do”
An Introduction to the Practice of Discipleship

 In Part 2 of the study, “What We Do,” we look at the question of what it means to live our lives as people of faith. Structured on the pattern of the Lord’s Prayer, this study looks at the key aspects of our life of faith. Not only will the study examine the basic disciplines we practice as disciples of Christ, it will also show how God uses us to bring his Gospel of grace and forgiveness into the lives of others.

Where Two or Three Are Gathered
A Guide for the Mutual Conversation and Consolation of the Saints

This guide is a resource for what Luther referred to as “mutual conversation and consolation” among believers. These are the times we come together one to one, as people of faith, to talk about our lives and struggles, and strengthen one another in prayer with the promise of God’s grace and mercy. This devotional conversation guide may be used for a number of purposes and applications where people are looking for some help in structuring conversations on the practical and spiritual dimensions of Christian discipleship. For example:

  • Life-to-Life Discipleship Programs: Coaching/Mentor Relationships 
  • Pastoral Support Groups: Couple or Triad Conversations
  • Mentoring Conversations between Pastoral Interns and Supervisors
  • First-Call Pastor Colleague Support or Spiritual Direction
  • Christian Accountability Partners: Conversation Starters