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For those who would like to know what sets a biblical “theology of the cross” apart from what Martin Luther referred to as a worldly “theology of glory” — please take a look at the articles linked below.  These articles, written by authors of various Christian backgrounds,  will give you a better sense for how a sacramental Lutheran understanding of Christian discipleship, grounded in trust and humility, differs from the typical view of discipleship as the work of religious accomplishment.

Glory Versus the Cross
(link to Ligonier article by the Rev Dr. Gene Edward Veith)

What is the Theology of the Cross?
(link to article by Rev Dr. Robert Kolb, CCC Discover)

God’s Presence in Suffering: The Theology of the Cross
(PDF download by the Rev Dr. Herbert C. Mueller, Jr.)

Luther’s Theology of the Cross
(link to article by the Rev. Carl R. Trueman)

Theology of Glory vs. Theology of the Cross
(link to article from the Christian Post:

A Theology of the Cross
(link to an article from Banner, by Rev. Timothy P. Palmer)

Glossary: Theology of the Cross
(link to article from the Mockingbird website: